The Facility
The residency provides studio and living space for up to three artists at a time.

The studio building houses studios for the resident artists, a small kitchen, library
and common area for residents.

Resident artist studios consist of a space which can accomodate one artist and
a larger studio which can accomodate two.
Individual sleeping quarters and a shared bath are housed in the adjacent villa on the property.
Wireless internet access is possible in the villa. Please, bring your own computer.

The Program
Residencies last from one to six months.
Residents will be chosen by a jury of 5-6 artists.

Artists are responsible for all material and firing costs.

The kilns:
testkiln up tp 2372 F20€
toploader up to 2300 F 1,4x1,4x1,6 ft30€
frontloader up to 2192 F 1,3x1,6x2,3 ft34€
toploader up to 2372 F 1,9x2x3,0 ft65€
prices and more information
former resident artists
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