The Facility
The residency provides studio and private living space for up to three artists at a time.

The Studio Building:
Located in the bottom floor of this building are three working studios, bathrooms and a washer and dryer. The upstairs features a kitchen, dining area and a common area with a TV and library.

Artist Studios:
One studio is private, while the other is a shared space that can fit two artists.

Living quarters:
Private living quarters with wifi and a shared bath are located in the villa on the property.
testkiln up tp 2372 F20€
toploader up to 2300 F 1,4x1,4x1,6 ft30€
frontloader up to 2192 F 1,3x1,6x2,3 ft34€
toploader up to 2372 F 1,9x2x3,0 ft65€
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