The residency for Ceramics-Berlin is located in the neighborhood of Pankow, 3 miles north of Mitte, the center of East Berlin on a spacious lot surrounded by a beautiful old garden.

The residency is designed for artists, potters, sculptors, designers, art-historians ... working in clay or with a background in ceramics with a specific project, research idea or the wish to have experimental time outside the own studio.

The residency provides an opportunity for artists to work in a new context, to experiment and develope new approaches and to explore another culture. The location provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a fascinating city with a thriving local art scene.

Residencies last from one to six months.
Residents will be chosen by a jury of 5 people.

Independently working is expected.

You are welcome to come with your partner.
Families can apply as well.

At the moment the Center for Ceramics is still a private institution, which is not supported.
All costs must be covered by the artists.
We very much hope, that one day we will be able to offer stipends to the artists or at least to organise them.
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